Sixgirls Free wireless Internet

John Klos
Wed Oct 3 03:43:49 EDT 2001

Sixgirls Computing Labs, along with NYCwireless, have set up a free Internet
access point on the west side of Tompkins Square Park in the East Village.

The antenna and base station are set up at Accidental CDs (thanks!), and the
bandwidth is provided by Sixgirls through

Some equipment was provided by Terry Schmidt of NYCwireless, and some by 
donations from various Sixgirls and nyc-geek people.

From Terry and NYCwireless:
"The Tompkins Square Park Node is done in conjunction with the NYCwireless
WTC Wireless Relief Project.  We encourage individuals and businesses
displaced and disconnected by the WTC disaster to use this wireless park as
an alternate connection method."

This access point, in addition to providing easy and straightforward Internet
access, also provides IPv6 for anyone interested in testing and using IPv6 and 
IPv6 enabled applications.

To use, get an 802.11 network access device appropriate for your computer and
use DHCP for IPv4 or rtsol for IPv6.

Also see helpful information at:

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